Marek Mitis

Front-end Developer

I'm a JavaScript magician, also capable of doing some PHP/Python/Java stuff. Currently, the member of DreamLab as an front-end ninja.

Familiar with
angularjs, jQuery, git, bower, webpack, npm, vagrant, svn, d3, node, grunt, gulp, emca2015, react, puremvc, docker, mongodb, express


My journey through programming world has started 7 years ago. During this time I have finished over 30 projects for studies, for private or for commercial use. Now I'm fluent in vanilla and ES6, I'm also not afraid of any angular spells. Most of my projects are accessible by GitHub . Interested in co-work? Wanna have nice website or useful app - don't waste time and call me!

Current project

Postgres Differ
a smart db sync tool